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The one thing that I am looking for is that you guys try to do the work.  I have designed the assignments so that if you do the reading and just open up the project you should see that the example code in the book and the code I provided are similar.  In fact they are almost the same with a line or two missing.  If you guys do the reading you should be able to find the missing code in the book!  However,  because the project is in a new programming environment it can be hard to see past all the complexity of Unity and C#.

So what I want to do is have everyone post their questions to this blog.  If you have a question about an assignment, including compilation errors and anything else that is preventing you from getting the assignment done, please post it in the comments section of the assignment.  That way when I respond everyone benefits.  Not only that you guys can and should ask each other for help and this blog is a good place to do it.   That way I can tell if I am going too fast in class or if we need to go over something again.

So please register as a user on this blog so you can leave comments.

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