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No class 4/20/10. Assignment due.

There is no class… However 6PM 4/20/10 is the last chance to hand in the assignment ( the state machine one). I suggest doing some of the extra credit as handing it in this late means a 15 point penalty.

I am missing the assignment from everyone who didn’t show up for class on 4/13/10. There is only one way to hand it in and that is to email it to me. If it is too big just zip the .cs files and send the zip.

Something to think about is who you want to team up with on the final assignment. It will be team based.

The final assigment will be due May 11th at 9pm. That gives us 4 classes to work on it if we don’t count tomorrow. The requirements for the assignment aren’t final yet but it will be a mini game where you must incorporate everything taught up until today. This includes unity scripting, steering behaviors, state machines, and path finding. Each piece will be worth some percentage of the project. And of course there will be extra credit. But that will be to include the topics covered after today… Decision trees and behavior trees.

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